Prayer Explosion Revival is a dynamic evangelistic prayer ministry that seeks to prepare individuals for the events of the last days and Christ's second coming. Through fervent prayer, our Bible-based teaching and preaching ministry, and the life-changing work of the Holy Spirit, thousands are brought to Christ, and come to receive Him as savior and Mediator. 

The overarching emphasis of this ministry is the unchanging love of God (1 John 4:8), and the importance of faith that leads to a new life. Obedience to the commandments of God by faith is at the very heart of the 3 Angels Message of Revelation 14: 6-12 that we embrace and zealously take to all the world. 

Meet the Prayer Explosion Team

Evangelist C.B Gentry

Evangelist C.B Gentry has proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout America and many other parts of the world. He is a Spirit-filled man of God, endowed with biblical wisdom and understanding. Like Paul the Apostle he has a passion for meeting people where they are and leading them to Christ.

The Ministers of Biblical Studies (Bible Workers)

Prayer Explosion Bible Workers are Christian men and women who are skilled in the Word and fervent in prayer. They are usually the first contact that the community have with Prayer Explosion Revival, as they make home visits. Please reach out to us via phone or the contact form if you would like a visit from one of these dedicated servants of God.

Prayer Warriors

At the heart of our ministry are the Prayer Warriors. They labor behind the scenes, praying over the prayer requests brought back by the Bible Workers. They are also available to pray with you at our Prayer Explosion events. There is also a prayer line that we've established just for the community.

Local Churches (Sponsors)

Because of the nature of our ministry we depend on local churches to host Prayer Explosion events. These churches provide some of the resources as well as support for those who receive Christ and desires to become a part of the body of Christ.

Community Members

You've probably seen our big white tents, usually pitched on public parks and lots. This is made possible through the graciousness of responsible members of the community and political leaders. We've also been blessed in recent times to partner with Feed the Children to bring food and other necessities to aid those in need. We are grateful for all who have supported us throughout the years.