Prayer Explosion Revival 2017, Baltimore

What happens when there's an explosion of prayer? There is an equal explosion of power for where there is much prayer, there is much power

Prayer Explosion Bible Seminar/Breakfast

Our big Bible Seminar / Breakfast, presented last year, was a huge success, and this year plans to be even bigger. This Saturday, August 12th, beginning at 10:00 a.m. all... Read More

Prayer Explosion Bible Institute

Everyone who has listened to Evangelist Gentry will admit he knows how to stir hearts with the Gospel; but because you're not all heart Evangelist Gentry also has something special for your head... Read More

Prayer Explosion Bible Course

The Prayer Explosion Bible Course is designed to be short, but effective, in leading the Bible student to a clear knowledge of the character of God, the plan of... Read More

Prayer Request

Prayer Request

What do you desire of the Lord? God cares about your needs. He promised to ....

Do You Believe in the Power of Prayer?

Prayer Explosion Revival would like to know how you feel about prayer.